The Eulogy


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The Eulogy

Ok...first of all you spelt groupie wrong...I'm not even gonna turn the beast on...I saw your post and thought...hmmm didn't even know you rapped cousin.. them I listened and I said "haha I guess he doesnt" old school so much my penmanship ya so close to death it's like ya never been intelligence born of a need to kill stupid
I'm the dude with the poison tipped arrows sniping cupid...I'm the the beast...I'm the guardian of elements. ..
camo...good for hiding...stay lost in for 2 years and im revered as a legend... u been here... so I hear but I dont know who you are bredren...say you seen me perform...shoulda swam from the fin...there's a reason I'm the one on the stage for the win...while your standing outside a free show f'in dim. Didn't know the right things to say to get in

I don't just eat food... your whole meal get strangled
Snatch your sandwich. .. snatched your tomato...I'm the motherfucking shark...I was born to hunt and feed... you're camo...born to never be fuckin should take it up a notch and try silence on for size...I got feeling that it might improve your rhymes...I try to be a nice guy and criticize constructively...first off...only gods can fuck with me...luckily I'm raised not to pick on the special kids...I bring the demon out...head are spinning around... dont want the best of fish... my half ass is great...your hook was cute but i been know to spit out hooks and chew the bait...the way I'd describe your diss track is interesting. .. that what I say to be nice when shit wack...hope your listening...I'll finish with some wisdom from a vet...even ras Kass admits that Shark's the nature of the threat!


released August 6, 2015



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SHARKY THE GREAT London, Ontario

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